fair communication means combining the marketing and sales strategies into a message

for us, the challenge for a successful fair presence consists of transforming the company and the products into something tangible that can be experienced by the visitor. this can only be achieved with a clear message that must be reflected in the architecture through to the media and graphic implementation. we want to create a fascinating experience for visitors with a good mix of materials and the use of innovative communication technology.

references from the trade fair design area

enjoy, touch, experience – with the goal of inspiring customers
in the brand for the long-term

events create customer loyalty and make new customers aware of the company.
a successful event needs a strong event story that carries the brand and the product messages.
to achieve this, we work closely together with event agencies in the concept phase in order to ensure that the event story is given the appropriate platform.
we create spaces in which customers can experience the company and the products at an emotional level.
we consider an event to be a point of touch. Enjoy, touch and experience with the goal of long-term loyalty.

examples from the field event architecture

we can construct mobile stands in places
you would never have thought possible.

we are often confronted with the question: is there anything other than a tent?
Behind this question is the company's need to assign an unmistakeable message to its brand presence.
For our architects, this area is the Champions League.

examples from the field temporary architecture

all measures at the POS focus on the goal
of encouraging a purchase decision by consumers

we believe that a successful presence at the point of sale is also distinguished by a concept that facilitates the purchase decision for a customer and also provides a sustainable brand and product experience.
it is important to bring the fascination with the brand and the product closer to the customer by using a good mix of materials, media and graphics as well as campaigns.
to meet this goal, we involve architects, interior designers, multimedia specialists, lighting designers, decorators and graphic designers in the planning phase.

examples from the field point of sale